What we do

TV Licensing is responsible for collecting and administering the TV Licence on behalf of the BBC.

Our Field Visiting Officers collect this revenue and reduce evasion. They visit unlicensed addresses and give the occupants the opportunity to buy a TV Licence. Officers also offer a range of payment options to make the purchase as easy as possible. When they find evidence of evasion, Officers conduct interviews under caution.

Fact 1

Our teams visit four million unlicensed addresses evaders each year. This has generated over £65 million of revenue – the cost of running both Radio One and Radio Two for a year!

Fact 2

The Field Operations team covers the whole of the UK. There are approximately 500 Field Operation visiting staff as well as a number of office based specialist support staff.

Fact 3

Officers are required to see cases through from start to finish. You may attend court to give evidence as part of the prosecution process.

Fact 4

Capita are committed to investing in development. That’s why Field Visiting Officers can apply to the Field Development Programme; providing Officers with support to further their career within TV Licensing or the wider Capita Group.